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Ansh Goyal and Arya Shukla, UG 23 In a rather controversial decision, the Vice Chancellor, the Board of Management and the faculty decided to allot the ICT foundation course to only half the fresher’s batch of ’23 in the first semester and make the CT seminars completely optional. Rumour of this spread on the student… Keep Reading

Expectation and Exhilaration: Previewing the 2020/21 UCL Draw

Kartikay Dutta and Rohan Agarwal, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 Save for the World Cup, the UEFA Champions League is the marquee event of the footballing world. It captures the attention of millions, becomes the talking point for so many, an object of pride, an immediate draw because of its status as European football’s fattest cash… Keep Reading

The Creators | To Build A Start-up (Part 1)

By: Nishka Mishra UG’22 The Creators is a series of profiles of Ashokans who are actively involved in different creative fields including, but in no way limited to, music, photography, creative writing, and visual or performing arts. When one thinks of a start-up, a mental image that often pops up is that of a sleep-deprived… Keep Reading

Analysing the IPL: The Edict’s Mid-Season Awards

Kartikay Dutta, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 While most of us don’t associate the Indian Premier League (IPL) with the early winter months of September and October, we can’t be entirely detached from the present reality of COVID-19. Time has lost its meaning, tradition its value. With all 8 teams in this season’s IPL having played… Keep Reading

Study, Party, Munch, Repeat– The recklessness of college routine

By Aggam Wallia (UG22) The past few weeks I have been able to transform my daily routine to a great extent. From eating and sleeping on time (read: before midnight) to exercising and pursuing hobbies, I am personally surprised by how smoothly I’ve taken on these habits. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Gosh!… Keep Reading

Game, Set & Fault: A History

Dhruvan Nair, Undergraduate Batch of 2021 1932 was a landmark year for tennis. It was the first time that a player replaced the traditional cricket flannels with a pair of white shorts and much to the awe of the then tennis associations, it was discovered to be much more comfortable and suitable for the sport.… Keep Reading

“United We Stand”: Forging Solidarities

(This is the concluding instalment of a two-part article. The first part was published here on August 12, 2020.) Part 2: Students, Staff, and Faculty, None Spared Our academic freedom — and with it, the very idea of Ashoka — is in peril, unless we remake our university into a more democratic, inclusive, and human… Keep Reading

The Founding Professors of Ashoka University (Part I)

By: Diya Isha and Nandan Kaushik’ UG22 When we first came to Ashoka, we were the typical first years, ready to stay up all night, pretend like we understand Foucalt, and gobble up the pedagogy on which the university rests. During our O-week, there were more than six hundred of us staring at the picture… Keep Reading

Tap with Strength – Mental Health and Online Activism

By Aayra Angrish (UG22) and Akanksha Mishra (UG22) While the pandemic has affected the social, economic and environmental spheres across the world, it has also decapitated the avenues of activism. However, activists quickly turned to social media platforms to voice their protest, refusing to relent in the face of adversity.  An article published in The… Keep Reading

Ashoka University’s Irresponsible Approach To Ancillary Teaching Staff

Tathagat Chaubey, ASP 21 Ashoka’s TFs and ICT instructors are the teaching staff pushed to the periphery of academia at Ashoka. One saying that they are “the class of instructors at the lowest rung of the academic hierarchy”. There are twenty hours of teaching as agreed in the contract, but office hours, building lesson plans… Keep Reading

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