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Took My Breath Away— Smogtober at Ashoka

By Aggam Walia (UG 2020) When Ashoka University’s representatives came to our school last year, the only question I asked them was— is indoor air purified on campus? The reps answered in the negative, almost as if it didn’t matter. Who considers air pollution as a factor for choosing a college, they might have thought.… Keep Reading

Bidding for Silverware : The ABA 4.0 Auctions!

Rahul Agarwal, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 Dressed sharply, with a purposeful stride, Wednesday night saw owners of the forthcoming Ashoka Basketball Association teams assemble at the MPH, for the player auctions. Many players themselves were present in the crowd, watching on expectantly, eager to find out which team they were going to play for. If there was ever to be… Keep Reading

In Conversation with the AUEC: Reforming Campus Politics

Riddhi Verma, UG 22 With the upcoming referendum, the election commission wishes to ask the student body two main questions about democracy: should independents have an equal footing with parties in competing for seats, and should a party exert control on members through their ideology or their ability to manipulate electoral math? Our current system… Keep Reading

An Afternoon with Dr Quraishi, The Former Chief Election Commissioner

Anjana Ashok, UG22 On October 30th, the Ashoka Distinguished Policy Speaker Series hosted a talk with Dr S. Y. Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, on the topic ‘To What Extent Does Social Media Influence Elections?’. Dr S.Y. Quraishi joined the Indian Administrative Service in 1971, and after holding several strategic and key positions,… Keep Reading

The Explorers | Lodhi Art District

Janhavi Sharma, Young India Fellow’ 2020 In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city of Delhi, lies a gem that has only recently been discovered. The streets, bylanes and corners of the historic neighbourhood of Lodhi Colony are dotted with massive murals.  Sandwiched between Khanna and Meherchand Market, many of Lodhi Colony’s walls became the site… Keep Reading

Sofar: So Good

  Diya Isha, Undergraduate Batch 2022 & Janani Mahadevan, Undergraduate Batch 2022 Ever been to a concert? You’re pushing through crowds of people, phones buzzing with Whatsapp notifications, losing your friends in the process, and being subjected to unsolicited foot-stamping, until soon enough, you realize you haven’t gotten to do the one thing you spent… Keep Reading

Did the Joker amuse (and entertain)?

Sanjay Sudarsan, Undergraduate Class of 2022 The Joker, directed by Todd Philips, was all the hype of 2019. In an attempt to boost the popularity, the movie was released two days ahead of its original release date. But did the movie really live up to the hype? Before we delve further into the movie review, let me warn you,… Keep Reading

The New 600: Does Size Really Matter?

By Devika Goswami (Batch of UG 2022) It is difficult to go too long on campus without at least hearing a few concerns over the size of our newest undergraduate batch. The matter has set off an almost unprecedented number of arguments, and most aren’t in complete favour of a much larger student body. It… Keep Reading

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