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Task Failed Successfully : A Pass/Fail 101

By Soumil Agarwal (UG23) What is the Pass/Fail Policy? In order to augment course experimentation among students, the OAA (Office of Academic Affairs) proposed the Pass/Fail Policy to the MAA (Ministry of Academic Affairs). This policy will allow students to have a “Pass” or “Fail” grade written on their transcript for specific courses instead of… Keep Reading

Glancing at Ashokan Wildlife: Biodiversity Around Plot No.2

Nandan Kaushik, UG’22 Pictures by Ronith, UG’22, Aditya, UG’22, Nandan Kaushik, UG’22 Ever wondered about that colourful bird you saw on that tree on campus the other day?  Or maybe you freaked out at a grasshopper on the stairs once, but wondered why it was here at all? Curious to know more about the biodiversity… Keep Reading

Jashn-e-Jazbaa 2020: Navigating an Online Cultural Experience

By Riddhi Verma and Anjana Ashok, UG22 Despite the limitations of the online platform that the pandemic forces, different clubs and societies have tried their best to make their events memorable and interesting for this year’s Jashn-e-Jazbaa. Surprisingly, the online platform permitted space for a lot of creativity as well, and many clubs and societies… Keep Reading

The Fight for Recognition: India’s Unsung Sports and Heroes (Part 1)

Amiya Kumar, Undergraduate Batch of 2023  Tricolour painted bodies, the blowing of conch shells and roaring chants are enough to show the fanaticism and fervour of Indian cricket fans. It’s only natural to find large billboards, front-page stories and several dining table discussions dominated by the ”Men in Blue” who have been given a  God-like status.… Keep Reading

Beginner’s Luck– The rise and fall of Moksh

By Aggam Wallia (UG22) We are once again approaching that time of the year when the political scene on campus wakes up from months of relative dormancy in preparation for the subsequent HoR elections. Parties begin to mobilise by conducting inductions while several individuals deliberate over their potential run as independent candidates. This year, there… Keep Reading

The Creators | To Build A Start-up (Part 2)

By: Nishka Mishra UG’22 The Creators is a series of profiles of Ashokans who are actively involved in different creative fields including, but in no way limited to, music, photography, creative writing, and visual or performing arts. When one thinks of design and technology, the mind is immediately flooded with thoughts of canva, photoshop, and… Keep Reading

A Cloak and Dagger Affair: Analysing the Monsoon 2020 Semester

By Dhrupad Damani, UG21 “Just another cup of coffee and I’ll get this done” – an internal dialogue most of us would have had in the past couple of months. It has become quite clear that stress levels have been going through the roof, with the causes being not just academic, but personal as well.… Keep Reading

A Walk Through The Abnormal 2019-20 NBA Season

Arjun Khanna and Chinmay Menon, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 Battle of Los Angeles One of the aspects that made the 2019-20 season memorable were the off-season trades. The NBA community witnessed some of the most exciting signings in its history, such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn Nets and Russel Westbrook to Houston.… Keep Reading

The Importance of Native Species, and A Case for Exotic Ones

Words: Tanisha Singh, UG’22 Illustrations: Vernika Mrig, UG’23 This article is brought to you by The Edict, in collaboration with Tarang, the Environment Ministry at Ashoka University. The Edict is committed to a more environmentally conscious readership, and together with Tarang, we aim to offer more coverage towards that end. We believe it is necessary… Keep Reading

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