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The Hurdled Road to Campus: An Investigation into the Process of Returning

– By Deep Vakil (ASP21), Riddhi Verma (UG22), and Soumil Agarwal (UG23) Trigger warning: mentions of sexual/physical abuse When Vice-Chancellor Malabika Sarkar sent an email on 15th December 2020 informing students about the university’s plans to bring certain sections of the student body back on campus, it was the first announcement about returning to campus… Keep Reading

Visual Art(s) at Ashoka

By Saadia Peerzada, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 From posters announcing events to the caperture wall in AC 02 to protest art on campus and outside, visual art is a medium of expression that pervades life at Ashoka. We talked to students across the board about ways in which visual art interacts with and affects the… Keep Reading

Shooting for the Stars: An Overview of Shireen Limaye’s Journey

Chinmay Menon, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 2017. The finals of the FIBA Asian Division B Championship drew closer to its end as the Indian home crowd grew more and more tense. There were 23 seconds left for the game to end, when the Kazakhstan team managed to score a lay-up off a well-run inbound play… Keep Reading

The Solution To Ashokan Apathy Is Already Here

– By Arundhati Srinath (UG21) During the first-ever Accountability Debate, former member of the 4th House of Representatives, Akshay Ramkumar, claimed that the primary reason he had resigned from the House was how apathetic the student body was to issues that concerned them and to the work that the Student Government did. And if you… Keep Reading

The Disquieting Silence of the Undergraduates Facebook Group

By Ananya Gupta, UG22 Note : This is both an Opinions and Newsdesk article On the 24th of September last year , screenshots of comments made on a post on the Undergraduates Facebook Group emerged on public, explicitly right wing, social media handles.The unprecedented violation of our privacy in the form of doxxing compelled the… Keep Reading

New Season, New faces: The F1 2021 Driver Transfer Round-up

Ashwin Menon, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 2020 has been a year of ups and downs in Formula 1. We had several new winners and, of course, multiple new records were broken. With Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly getting their first-ever F1 wins, and many new and old faces back on the podium, it has been… Keep Reading

A Dreamy Romantic Getaway: Eleven Minutes of Paradise in 7 Beautiful Cities

By Amogha Sharma, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 Of the countless cities which crowd our maps, some stand out in particular for their association with the most universally experienced human emotion: love. We often applaud cities like Rome and Paris for their romantic value, but I believe love exists where lovers do—each city has its own… Keep Reading

‘Key Issues’ of the 2021 SG Elections

By Arya Shukla and Nishtha Khunteta This year, all the parties and independents announced the key issues that they wish to raise during their campaign. The Edict looked at what their manifestos had to offer on their self-declared priorities. Prakrit The party was the first one to send a mass email after the campaigning period… Keep Reading

Student Politics: Latest Updates

Standing at the ballot box, every student deserves to be armed with the information they need to critically evaluate the candidates and parties. At the Edict, we have created a newsdesk dedicated to reporting about student politics. In the words of our masthead, “it is our leash with which we aim to keep the beautiful… Keep Reading

Favoring Unionisation: The Next Step for Ashokan Politics

By Biplob Kumar Das (UG21) Editor’s Note: This op-ed is part of a two-part publication on unionisation. The other op-ed, opposing unionisation, can be found here. The Edict recognizes that the campaigning period is officially over. Both the drafts were written separately — either author did not see what the other wrote — and were… Keep Reading

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