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Deconstructing the Derby: How Manchester Became Red

Rahul Aggarwal & Ashwin Menon, Undergraduate batch of 2022 With Manchester City scampering to remain relevant in the race for the Premier League title, and Manchester United flailing about in mid-table, this wasn’t your average derby. That is not to say that it wasn’t pivotal to both teams: City knew the door on three successive… Keep Reading

Do Air Purifiers Work in Ashoka? Check out this Experiment

Fahad Hasin, UG20 *Kindly note the article should not be treated as a rigorous scientific experiment — simply because it was never meant to be, and hence not designed as such. I did this only for the sake of my personal curiosity. However, with the return of smog and the conversations around it, I thought… Keep Reading


Ashwini Sreekumar, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 The beauty of art lies in the absence of boundaries. And at Ashoka, students are determined to see how far creativity can take them. Here I explore two instances of art in unconventional places. At first glance Room No. 418 seems like your typical college students room. But the… Keep Reading

Interview with the New Chief Election Officer

In the light of the recent Election Reform Referendum, The Edict’s Rithupar Pathy sits down with the newly sworn-in Chief Election Officer, Amola Mehta Rithupar: Why did you want to become the election commissioner? Amola: Elections on this campus until now haven’t been the most accommodating. They have preferred a certain type of politician. It… Keep Reading

Ashokan Dorms: Of Hobbies Turned Businesses

-Devika Jamkhedkar(UG 2021) and Ranjini Ghosh(UG 2022) A common part of the college experience is finding one’s passion. As The Social Network might attest, this energy prospers under start up culture – students who shape their talents into viable business ventures. But what happens when you’re stranded in Sonepat far away from the bustling city,… Keep Reading

NBA 2019-20: Players to look out for

Ashwin Menon, Undergraduate batch of 2022 “The dynasty is over,” said Drake after the Raptors became NBA champions and the trophy left for Canada. With such a huge upset last season it is fair to say the NBA is more competitive than ever. So it would be interesting to look at the players who may… Keep Reading

Your Wardrobe, Your World

Anjana Ashok (UG 22) and Aditi Dindorkar (UG 22) The Monsoon Semester of 2019 saw the beginning of a few new clubs on the Ashoka campus. One of those is Allure, the fashion club. We were lucky enough to be able to speak to Preksha Mishra, the founder and head of the club, about what… Keep Reading

We Are The Champions: ABA 4.0!

Ashwin Menon & Anushka Bidani, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 ABA 4.0 can be thought of as a perfect Freddie Mercury song: quick, sharp, and stunningly exciting. As the first game between the Hoopsters and the Jumpshots commenced to signal the start of ABA 4.0, it was clear as day that the tournament was going to… Keep Reading

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