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Ashoka’s #MeToo – Why Call Out Culture isn’t Enough

By Akanksha Mishra (ug22) Content Warning – The following article has mentions of sexual harassment and rape culture The infamous Boys Locker Room incident and subsequent conversations at Ashoka and beyond spurred a kind of #MeToo movement, bringing to light the misogyny and patriarchy that permeates every inch of our society. This discussion also saw… Keep Reading

Signs of Life: Bundesliga and the Return of Sports

Dhruvan Nair, Undergraduate 2021 The significance of 16th May 2020 would not be forgotten easily by football fanatics as well as sports fans across the world as it saw the return of Bundesliga, the German First Division. It became the first of Europe’s top flight leagues to restart since being called off due to the Coronavirus… Keep Reading

Broken By Pandemic

Nandan Kaushik, Undergraduate ’22 I don’t like the pandemic. Let’s begin there. I dislike it very much, because it has taken me away from Ashoka and forced me to stay in one place for a month now. I managed to take a couple of walks soon after I got back, but with the national shutdown,… Keep Reading

A Journey of Intimacy with Irrfan

Aritro Sarkar, Undergraduate ’21 If acting had subalternity, Irrfan Khan would probably be its biggest contemporary advertisement. In a realm where the key to survival is overstatement, his carving out a career through understating is nothing short of daring. He managed to puncture Bollywood’s glamour through sheer grit, all the while grinning, as if to… Keep Reading

Down But Not Out: How Ashoka’s Sports Teams Combat the Coronavirus

Dhruvan Nair, Undergraduate 2021 It’s the end of February 2020. The least of Ashokans’ worries was doing well in their midsems and being able to catch a shuttle to Jahangirpuri to start their journey back home. Then came the Coronavirus which brought life on campus to a standstill. Amongst the numerous disruptions it brought to… Keep Reading

Who Are You, Really?

By Tejaswini Vondivillu, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 I’m not sure what intrigued you enough to land on this page, but since you are here anyway, let me tell you a story.  Hi. I am Tejaswini Vondivillu. I am from Tamil Nadu, but I currently live in Hyderabad. We move around a lot. A gentle disclaimer,… Keep Reading

Should football be given the Nobel Peace Prize?

Arsh Ajmera, Undergraduate batch of 2021 With the Nobel Peace prize having assumed a more symbolic character, its broadened ambit nudges one to think as to whether entities who have been committed to bringing the world together at large warrant the award. Indeed, further introspection leads this writer to wonder, that if the United Nations… Keep Reading

The closest championship battles of the last 20 years

Ashwin Menon, Undergraduate batch of 2022 Over the years, the sport of Formula 1 has witnessed amazing battles. Whether it was, Michael Schumacher’s glory days or the Senna vs Prost era, there has always been some eye-catching and intense racing. Over the last two decades, unfortunately, there has been a misconception that formula 1 is… Keep Reading

Choosing Ashoka In Pandemonium

By Ananya Gupta, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 This time last year, I had been fervently emailing the Outreach team and several Ashokan seniors back and forth, in attempts to gauge the academics, infrastructure and campus life of this unconventional and exciting University in Sonipat. It’s been a year for the batch of 2022 and our… Keep Reading

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