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A Timeline of Chaos

Gayatri Kulkarni, UG21, Over the past few months, The Office of Student Life (OSL) has taken multiple, seemingly arbitrary decisions which have come under much criticism from the student body. Much of the criticism was directed at the despotic nature with which these decisions have been taken. A point illustrated by the fact that the… Keep Reading

Authority and Hubris

A History of struggle(after class) against the Office of Student Life -Sparsh Agarwal (UG 19) In my first year, I remember writing a bunch of articles wondering and questioning what our Ashokan Ethos should be. My ideas were rather myopic and one dimensional. But there were others who pitched in from the student body. It… Keep Reading

To the recently graduated batches…

Ashoka Alumni Association Dear newly turned alums, A very warm welcome to the Alumni Community! We know that the transition from a student to an alum can be a confusing one. Your friendly neighbourhood alumni community is here to make sure that we can bring a sense of ease and warmth to this next big… Keep Reading

With Love to Ashoka: Friendliness, Food Poisoning, and Freedom

Cecilia Costa Da Luz, Class of 2021 I procrastinated writing this essay way too many times this past week. Going down memory lane during finals week is like opening a Pandora’s Box: you never know what you will come across. Anyways, here I am with my Google Photos open, trying to make sense of the… Keep Reading

The Thankless Position of Ashoka’s Support Staff

By Sanya Chandra (Batch of 2021) The working conditions of the support staff at Ashoka are nothing short of abysmal. This is because of multiple reasons— the bhaiyas and didis on this campus work under a strict hire and fire policy the details of which the student body is not privy to. They are hired and managed… Keep Reading

Unpacking the Blistering Student – Admin Relations

By Devika Jamkhedkar (Batch of 2021) As far as Haryana institutions are concerned, Ashoka is a ‘liberal’ space. This term has various connotations- academic flexibility, intellectual freedom and diversity of values. Recent events have shown some Ashokans take the word ‘liberal’ to a whole new extreme. Recent events involving harassing wardens in the name of… Keep Reading

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