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The Edict’s AAA Election 2018 Coverage

Over the past week, we have had the pleasure of covering the Alumni Association elections with a Presidential Debate and Discussion and analysis of candidate manifestos. Here’s everything we wrote to aid you in the process of deciding who to vote for –

1) 6 Visions for Ashoka’s Alumni Association

A slightly poetic beginner’s guide to our presidential candidates, and their vision for the AAA.


We figured that not all of you will have the time to go through a 2 hour debate, so we turned the candidate’s answers to article format to give you easy access to the answers you seek.

2) On the Role of the AAA President

Q — What do you think is the role of the President of the Alumni Association? What will be your role in the next two years? What will be your first action item/executive order as President?

3) On The Relationship Between the Alumni and the University

Q -How do you view the relationship between the association and the university? Additionally, what do you think is the role of any alumnus towards the university, in our current stage of professional lives?

4) What Sets You Apart

Q — What is truly unique about your candidature? What sets you apart from the other candidates?

5) On Trust, Sexual Harassment and Mental Health

Q — What will you do to build trust? How would you engage with issues of sexual harassment and mental health?

6) On Their Manifestos and Promises

Perhaps the most important in the series, this is the part where Mr. Karan Bhola, outgoing president of the AAA, asks the candidates specific questions about the promises they have made in their manifestos.

A couple questions are yet to be transcribed, and will be added to this article as and when that happens. We hope that you make an informed choice for the future of the Ashoka Alumni Association.

In the meanwhile, we would like to thank Karan Bhola, Samyak Shami, Shivangi Tikekar, Vedhika Anoora Krishnakumar, Debayan Ghosh, George Jacob and Arunima Singh for making this all possible.

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