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Ashoka over the Weekend | Newsflash

On the weekend of 6–8 April 2018, two events that had been marked on the Ashokan calender for days took flight. The Ashoka Business and Consulting Club hosted the Ashoka Business Conclave on 6 April.

The Conclave comprised three competitive events: Situational Marketing, Crisis Management, and Best Manager.

The Business and Consulting Club also hosted several eminent speakers who came to deliver talks. The speakers included: Snehdeep Aggarwal (Founder of Bharatiya Group), Kshitij Garg (Founder of Healers at Home), Ashoka University Pro-Vice Chancellor Sankar Krishnan(Ex-Partner at McKinsey Consultancy India), and lastly, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed Yunus (Founder of Grameen Bank).

Pictured: Ashoka Business and Consulting Club

While the Conclave was underway, Ashoka also played host to several debators and adjudicators from Delhi University and other colleges across India. The Ashoka Parliamentary Debate was hosted by the Ashoka Debating Union from 6–8 April. There were five preliminary rounds, from which eight teams made it to the quarter finals.

The final round took place on Sunday evening between Lady Shri Ram College and a mixed team of students from Hindu College and Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The motion for the final was “This House, as minority communities, will deprioritise experiential understandings of oppression in advocacy, in favour of data driven approaches”. After a gruelling debate ensued, the panel of seven adjudicators announced the team from LSR as winners (6–1).

It was an exciting weekend at Ashoka, which witnessed the hardwork and efforts of both the Ashoka Business and Consulting Club and the Ashoka Debating Union.


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