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The Bastion Covers Sanitation at Asawarpur

The Bastion has filmed a video essay on the state of sanitation in villages in Haryana, with a special focus on villages surrounding universities in the region. Find below the republished article from Team Bastion:

“In our next video, we look at the pertinent open drainage issue which exists in the villages of Haryana. Despite being among the wealthiest villages in India, poor sewage treatment in these areas has led to diseases such as malaria and dengue becoming widespread. While the government continues to promise intervention and medical aid, nothing has been done to close off the drains. How much longer can the villagers live in such conditions before the government decides to step up?”

For more on The Bastion, their team, and their work, read the Edict’s profile on them.

Bastion Media LLP (The Bastion) is a registered news and media website which provides a weekly analysis in the fields of education, sports, and the environment. It was started by Ashoka University students Sourya Reddy, Swagam Dasgupta, and Chirag Chinnappa.


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