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Quizmaster’s Choice | The Harry Potter Quiz

Aanchal Manuja, Class of 2019

This is a weekly column summarizing the 5 best questions from the quiz held by the Quizzing Society of Ashoka University on 26th of September.

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Following are the top five questions from Harry Potter quiz hosted by Aanchal Manuka, as part of the Ashoka Quizzing League-

  1. Sensing opportunity, Joe asked his brother if they could finally cash in on that Harry Potter idea. In the span of a couple hours they wrote their first songs, had their first practice, and played their first show to six people. They christened themselves X, the first ever fan-fiction rock band. Two brothers dressed in traditional Gryffindor garb and sang about Snape, Ginny Weasley, and Voldemort. It was a gimmick, a daydream, and a beautiful geeky power-fantasy all wrapped in one. As inauspicious as it was, this the beginning of a movement. “Wizard rock,” Joe and Paul’s accidental creation . ID X.

2. In the wizarding world, muggle is a polite word for someone who has no magical capabilities, as well as no known wizard blood. Someone with wizard blood and no gifts in the realm of magic is called a Squib.

Since at least the 1930s, “Mr. Muggles” has been used to refer to something else in the world, an abundance of which can be found inside as well as near Ashoka . What is this something?

3. In the 13th century, Arithmancer Bridget Wenlock came up with a fascinating new theorem which exposed the magical properties of X. “The significance of X” is something very widely recognised in the Potter universe. In fact, all the occurrences of X and Xth in the books add up to give a massive 159. ID X.

Harry Potter through the ages.

4. This particular illness, as opposed to simply feeling a little sad sometimes, can feel like a monster straight out of a movie. J.K. Rowling has occasionally spoken about her own encounter with the same. own bouts with it. A serious illness, when left untreated, it leads to a mortality rate of about 15%.

This illness has found manifestation in her books as well as the movies in form of what might be described is a terrifying creation/creature. ID the illness and the creation

5. Who should you date as per the picture below?

Question 5

Answer: 1. Harry and the Potters; 2. Marijuana; 3. The number 7; 4. Depression and Dementors; 5. Kreacher, the house elf.

Answer to Qn 1.

The Harry Potter quiz was hosted by Aanchal Manuja, who is currently enrolled in the Young India Fellowship program, with the class of 2019.

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