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Agneepath 3.0 : A review

As we draw the curtains on a successful Sports fest, it is time to take a look at Ashoka’s performance in Agneepath 3.0. The 3 day fest saw intense competition with over 650 sportsplayers participating over a range of sports. Agneepath held events for Basketball, football, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Squash with over 20 universities taking part in the fest.

Football girls had an excellent performance as they came in 2nd, narrowly losing in the finals. A noteworthy match was the semifinal against LSR which ended up going to penalties with Ashoka emerging victorious in the end. Football boys also put up noteworthy performances though they lost in the quarterfinals. A particularly good match was in the group stages against Munjal where the team mounted a 2nd half comeback by scoring 3 goals.

The Basketball teams put up strong performances. The boys team had overwhelming victories in the group stages but unfortunately lost in the semifinals by 4 points to Delhi University. The girls team also were successful in the group stages with many good games especially a close game against Jindal which was a hard fought win. They too unfortunately lost in the semifinals to LSR in a close game.

The Badminton cohort was wildly successful with both the women’s and men’s teams clinching gold in their respective categories. While the boy’s final was a bit anti climatic with the opponents forfeiting, their entire tournament campaign was stellar. It was a similar situation with the girl’s team, ending with them dominating Jindal in the final to win the gold.

Volleyball and Table tennis both performed extremely well in the group stages and tore through their opponents but both unfortunately fell in the semifinals of their respective events. Squash on the other hand had a strong campaign that ended with Ashoka winning the gold with particularly entertaining matches in the group stages as well as the semifinal.

Agneepath 3.0 saw an overall strong performance by Ashoka among tough competition while displaying some magnificent performances. As the sports department looks forward to making Agneepath 4.0 a bigger and better fest, the sports teams are already raring to go and achieve greater things in the next fest.


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