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Magnus 2019: Ashoka Finishes the Sporting Season with a Dazzling Performance

The past weekend saw Ashoka take part in Magnus 2019, the sports fest hosted by Jindal. Ashoka played brilliantly and won laurels in almost every event they took part in, ending the tournament with an impressive list of 4 Gold and 2 silver medals while also winning the overall championship at the fest. Ashoka took part in Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, and Tennis with most of the finals in each category culminating into a match against school rivals Jindal.

Football boys put up noteworthy performances throughout the tournament and ended up as runners up as they lost a tightly contested match against Jindal in the finals, which was a nerve-racking game that ended up going to penalties with the match being decided in the very last penalty.

The Basketball teams put up strong performances. The boys team had overwhelming victories in the group stages making short work of the defending champions Law Faculty DU. They then won their very first basketball championship in Ashokan history by defeating Jindal in the finals in a close match. The girls team also were successful in the group stages with many good games with their tournament final ending up in a close game against Jindal. They put up a noteworthy performance but fell short and clinched a silver medal.

The Table tennis teams were extremely successful in this campaign as both the boys’ and girls’ teams clinched gold with ease. There was an exceptional showing put up by Aadhyaa Udawat who won the Best player of the tournament award for table tennis across both categories.

The Tennis girls’ team made their mark by winning the gold medal with both players Vedika Gupta and Ashraya Maheshwar giving some stellar performances that pushed them towards victory.

Magnus 2019 saw Ashoka give some magnificent effort which resulted in multiple awards being won. This made the tournament one of the most successful tournaments ever in Ashoka’s history and it was rightly rewarded by being given the overall championship for winning many of the laurels and even edging their rivals Jindal in many of these matches. This being one of the last tournaments of the season, the victories ensured Ashoka closed the curtains on a wildly successful sporting season with a strong momentum and in high spirits, raring to go for the next season.


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