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APL 4.0 Auction: Setting the Tone

The latest season of APL is back this year, and is set to take place on the 12th and 13th of April. The Ashoka Premier League, started 4 years ago has now become one of Ashoka’s biggest trademark events which is eagerly looked forward to by the entire University. APL 4.0 is larger than ever with 16 teams vying for the championship, with team owners and players spread out over all the programs of Ashoka as well as the faculty and staff. Team owners can range from anywhere between 1 to 5 for each team and the total players taking part in this edition of APL were around 120.

A big pre cursor to the main competition is the APL auction that took place on the 2nd of April with all the glamour one would expect of such a large event. The auction involves team owners bidding on the players, who are divided across various tiers and forming the best team they possible can with each team getting 120 million in fictitious money. The auction this time was also one of the biggest with the players being divided amongst 7 tiers which are the Legendary tier, wildcard tier and tiers 1 to 5. The auction format was divided into 2 with the legendary as well as 1 to 3 tiers being the form of open bidding, while tiers 4,5 and wildcard were a closed, second price auction format. The second format involved owners sending anonymous bids with the highest amount winning the bid but the amount paid would be that of the second highest. The rules of the auction covered every possible scenario and the teams had been instructed on the required details such as each team had to have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 9 as well each team was required to have at least 1 female player. The top 3 teams from APL 3.0 were also given a right to match, where once the bidding is closed for a player, any of these 3 teams can use their right to match a single time, to obtain the player that just got sold for the same price.The order of the auction contained different tiers throughout ensuring fairness as well as the need for strategy when bidding for players as well some of the tiers having a base price set for each player. The order of tiers was 10 wildcard, 10 tier 3, legendary tier, 5 tier 1, 6 tier 5, 10 tier 4, 10 tier 3, 8 tier 2, 10 wildcard, 9 tier 5, 10 tier 4, 9 tier 3, 8 tier 2, 10 wildcard, 11 tier 4, 5 tier 1 and 5 tier 5. The auction had Vihan Singh as the host who kept the participants as well as the audience entertained throughout the 3 hour event along with the presentation slides of the players filled with witty captions. After a few hours of furious bidding, filled with intense competition amongst the teams and many changes in strategy and plans, all the players were sold and the teams finally taking shape. Krishaang Verma, a tier 1 defender was sold to Sonepat Studs for 70 million which was the highest any player had gone for in this auction. At the end of the auction, the owners were given 10 minutes to make up to 2 trades and the auction finally ended with the teams being pretty even and each owner satisfied.

The final team list is given below, courtesy of the APL 4.0 organisers.

FZWariors Gabru Clockwork Game Changers Team 4Play Brute Warriors Sonepat Studs Wakanda
Vrinda Iyer Sameer Nayak Saptarshi Nupur Nataraja Siddhant Amarnath Sonam Gonpo Mihir Katpathia Immanuel Jude
Pritish Walia Adhiraj Singh Gill Hari Krishnan Rohan Chaudhari Rohan Poddar Divyaj Sharma Shourjo Chatterjee Pranav Natarajan
Ashish Kumar Edwin Joseph Paul Kurian Punyasloka Vishi Aditya Aggarwal A R vishnuvardhan Zumani
Satya Sahay Sonam Phunsok Pranav ragupathy Dhruv Aggarwal Suryaansh Bhaduri Abel Tataghat Chaubhey Shourya Shukla
Maxime bellini Nehal Khurana Tara rai Israel Gautam Kathuria Aicha Krishaang Verma Varun Upmanayu
Akhil kumar Nihal Sood Ashin Joshi Dhruv Khandelwal Aakashdeep Dutta George Jose Vir Jhangiani Clinton Manoti
Atul Rokkam Tejas Bachiraju Rishab Chawdha Rithupar Patthy Arjun Keshav Ananthajith Ra Raka Hayamont Dessie
Aditya Jaishankar Vedaant Aggarwal Nirbhay Vedera Verma Appo Adit Whorra Riday Chowksi Ameya Sule Tanuj Sood
Joost Kanishk Mukherjee Adhiraj Mathur Barun Parruck
Starry Nights Thiccbois FC Team Kiraak Nutty Masters Crusaders Haryana Hunters MJ Dons Andhe Ashokan
Tanvi sundar Sahil Bhargava Dushyant Gupta Chirag Chinappa Dhruvan Nair Shivam Aggarwal Adarsh pratap Shigraf Haque
Prithvi raj kumar Dhwanii Arora Swagam dasgupta Ratik Virk Dhruv Menon Chitrali Ishan Bhattacharya Shiv Kataria
Siddharth Subudhi Ishaan Ghose Aditya gulwadi Vysakh Satish Daksh Walia Siddhant Yash Madan Bablu Yadav Indrajith Iyer
Anit Basu Thakar Ananya Moncourt Advaita Rahul Das Adya Advani Success Raghav Arora Alika Tandon Vierra
Prateek Apsinghe Arnav Mohan Gupta Arpit tanul Paaing Oo Parth Mandhana Raghav Choudhari Jayanti Jha Rohan Jakkalavadika
Aditya Mohan Dhruv Sinha Raj Tempie Ishan Randhawa Tarush Awasthi Prateek Sharma Philip Deweyi Ronith Sivakumar
Adit Jhunjhunwala Saaransh Mishra Rudra Cariappa Anushka Mathur Shashwat Ghatiwala Raghav Mittal Sachin Bhatia Heer Shah
Kneev Raizada Ayush Dutta Devika Jhamkedar Devin Gupta Karan Jain Ishan Bannerji Avinash Mishra Prajwal Seth
Rushil Kochar Risheek Chakraborty Arsh Ajmera Yash Ratnoo Jeeva Mathew Vikram Arun

The tournament format consists of 16 teams being divided into 4 groups with 4 teams each. Each team plays all the other teams in their group with the top 2 teams in each group qualifying from the group stages to the knockout stages. The team draws took place on the 9th of April with quite some fan fare and the tournament stage has been finally set for the upcoming weekend.

The table below shows the 4 groups and the teams that belong in each group:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Thiccbois FC Starry Nights Clockwork Team Kiraak
Crusaders Andhe Ashokan Team 4Play Game Changers
Gabru Haryana Hunters FZ Warriors MJ Dons
Nutty Masters Sonepat Studs Brute Warriors Wakanda

APL 4.0 is right around the corner and the teams are all raring to go to win the ultimate prize this weekend on the 12th and 13th of April. With practice matches taking place and strategies being drawn, this guarantees to be an exciting event. The auction gave us a glimpse of what to expect and also set the tone for the league this year while also making sure the hype around this huge event won’t die out. Now that all the details are done and dusted, there is only the main event left to look forward to, so make sure you turn up to support the teams and cheer on the players as they put up an amazing showing that is the standard of the Ashoka Premier League.


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