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To the recently graduated batches…

Ashoka Alumni Association

Picture credits: Ashoka Alumni Association

Dear newly turned alums,

A very warm welcome to the Alumni Community!

We know that the transition from a student to an alum can be a confusing one. Your friendly neighbourhood alumni community is here to make sure that we can bring a sense of ease and warmth to this next big chapter of  your lives.

At last count, our community was spread across 32 countries with alumni in over 90 professions. From today, we would be 1862 members strong. It reaffirms our belief that these countries, professions and the inspiring tales will only continue to multiply.

The various chapters and its cohorts across the world are going to keep you very busy. You will get to experience the warmth of Ashoka outside it’s four walls. Not only that, you will invariably mould and shape the alum culture the way you see best. You will make new friends and reconnect with old ones. You will get to explore the hobbies and passions on your bucket list. Or you might find yourself hosting/attending the next local chapter mixer. To get involved in these activities, don’t forget to log on to the alumni app/portal and set up your profile!

To ensure that your connection to the university remains unbroken, the Alumni Council and Alumni Relations Office will be there to facilitate your communication with the various stakeholders. Not just that, council members across different parts of the country will often be working with you to coordinate chapter events, to make days a little more interesting and evenings more memorable.

We can’t wait to see the energy that you and your batch-mates will bring to the table wherever you go.

Having said this, being an alumnus is equally a matter of representation, responsibility and pride. We are expected to give back to, and nourish the community.  This might seem daunting at times as the world will constantly be striving to push you and challenge you. During such days, your values and the University’s ethos along with your fellow alums that will see you come out shining.

Enough has been said, now go enjoy your break before the real world beckons. A lot is to follow and we will soon reach out with more information about the AAA and how you can be active co-creators.

See you somewhere, soon.

With love,

Alumni of Ashoka University


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