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Interviewing the Pro- Vice Chancellor

The Pro- Vice Chancellor, Rajesh Garodia sat down with The Edict to talk about the SH5 debacle, updates on a new campus being planned, and much more. Here are some excerpts from the interview. The Edict: How is something like the SH5 situation possible in a campus where the administration knew the number of people… Keep Reading

Ashoka And The Surveillance State; In Conversation With Ex-CADI Representatives

An inviolable condition in administrations is the fact that one body cannot and should not be judge, jury, and executioner. It’s not too hard to understand, really. UGC mandates that every college have an independent body to look into infractions regarding the disciplinary violations like ragging. While colleges have the autonomy to dictate nomenclature and… Keep Reading

Are Ashokans Ready To Mobilise?: Protest Culture on Campus

Kiana Manian, Undergraduate Class of 2021 17th September was a historic night for Ashoka, as students and a couple of professors gathered in Takshila to discuss their outrage against arbitrarily implemented policies on campus that change the very fabric of Ashokan student life. The absence of the administration members did little to absolve them of… Keep Reading

A Call to Reclaim Our Dwindling Ashokan Culture

-Aggam Walia (UG 22) Recent developments on campus have led to a standoff between the administration and the Student Government and pose serious threats to Ashoka University’s commitment towards liberal values. The administration’s unilateral decisions concerning student life, their refusal to amend their mistakes and their attempts to define Ashokan culture (see Intra-University Events Policy)… Keep Reading

Slacking at Ashoka: The Polarizing Ashokan Academic Culture

-Sonal Rana (UG 20) Scrolling through the Ashoka website, I found myself dazzled by the rigorous interdisciplinary academic model that Ashoka promised me. But that was three years ago. An experienced present-day me is more attentive to the nuances of the Ashokan academic culture. There is a divide that marks the liberal studies culture at… Keep Reading