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The Anti-Ragging Committee Is Ready For The Incoming Batch

Anjana Ashok, UG 22 The poster with a dark image painted with the words ‘Ashoka Anti Ragging Committee’, captured the walls of Ashoka, providing a puzzling picturization of the ARC one had as a freshman. It was omnipresent yet never in actual form. Having been formed only over two semesters ago, the ARC is relatively… Keep Reading

Hollywood: Lights, Camera, and Rewriting History

Smriti Nambudiri, Undergraduate’ 22 Pull back the curtain on the enigma that is the Hollywood Golden Age and get a glimpse of the various hidden stories that go into the industry that we think we know so well: that’s what the 7-episode miniseries ‘Hollywood’, streaming on Netflix, promised. It’s an ensemble show, starring David Corenswet,… Keep Reading

If Spring Semester Was a Video Game

**Not sponsored by R3spawn, but, um, hit us up.**  Description: Move over, Ludo King. We have an even more infuriating, equally rigged game that will also bring out both the best and worst in you. Here is an exclusive sneak peek into The Last Semester™. [No, this is not counterfeit culmin bingo] Level 1: Pre-midterm… Keep Reading

Project Safar: In Conversation With Saptarshi Basak

Tathagat Chaubey, UG 20 This is the second of a two-part series that profiles humanitarian initiatives taken up by Ashokans in the pandemic that seek your support. Saptarshi and his team founded Project Safar, a successful project that raised over four lacs to help migrants reach home in the pandemic. They booked flights and bus… Keep Reading

Project Sahyog: Why is it important?

Riddhi Verma, UG 22 This is the first of a two-part series that profiles humanitarian initiatives taken up by Ashokans in the pandemic that seek your support. During this time of great uncertainty, as we sit in the comfort of our homes, there are around 8 crore migrant workers in need of help, left helpless… Keep Reading

Batman Or Robin?

Scottie Pippen was perhaps more than a sidekick by Payoja Ahluwalia ESPN’s docu-series The Last Dance, released on Netflix in April 2020. Since its release, it has received several accolades, hoots-and-hurrahs and widespread attention from officials in the NBA, basketball players, celebrities, worldwide fans of the sport, the Bulls and more. It’s the quintessential Michael… Keep Reading

The Last Founding Batch – An Ode to the Class of 2020

By Deep Vakil The student community of Ashoka is a petri-dish of experiences. Batches come and go, infusing this campus with a distinct culture. As the class of 2020 graduates – some topping it off with another year of ASP, and others moving on to the “real” world – I cannot help but ponder what… Keep Reading

Minding The Gap: Life Without The Metro

Aritro Sarkar, UG ‘21 It’s unusual to pine for the absent, empty embrace of public transport, which is why I find it rather difficult to rationalize my disproportionate longing for the unremarkable splendour of the Delhi Metro. The last few pandemic-driven months have left a lot of us marooned in our own homes, reeling with… Keep Reading