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Founders’ Firewall – Ashoka’s Very Own Schrödinger’s Cat

by Aggam Walia Responding to a student who participated in the email spam on Tuesday, Sanjeev Bikhchandani wrote that “Founders have nothing to do with day to day operations of the university.” He added that there is now a firewall in place between the Founders and the students and faculty as a result of the… Keep Reading

Students stage a protest, put forth demands for workers’ rights

by Sankalp Dasmohapatra and Navya Asopa On 9th November, the student community at Ashoka staged a protest in solidarity with the workers, who continue to face several issues including coerced transfers. Previously, protests fighting for workers’ rights have taken place both on-campus and online through social media posts and email spam. The Ashokan community present… Keep Reading

Ashoka’s contractual partner, Quess, has a history of violating labour laws

by Newsdesk Staff Quess Corp, Ashoka University’s contractual partner in the employment of the housekeeping staff, came under fire last December when disgruntled contractual workers at an Apple factory in Bangalore went on a violent strike. An official labour audit found that Quess, along with two other workforce providers, violated a number of labour laws… Keep Reading

Is India truly a Sporting Nation?

By Amiya Kumar, UG22 People across the country sit glued to their televisions, regardless of the fact that they aren’t avid sports fans, praying for the athletes’ success, who otherwise go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this fervor is short-lived due to a recurring trend – the substandard and abysmal performance of Indian sportspeople at International sporting events.… Keep Reading

Understanding the FAC: A Suitable Concession or an Empty Promise?

by Sankalp Dasmohapatra (UG’24) and Vishnu Prakash (UG’24) On October 9th, six new members were elected to the House of Representatives in far from convincing fashion, with there being more NOTA votes than votes for all the candidates combined. The legitimacy of these elections is further brought into question when one accounts for the fact… Keep Reading

Offline Ashoka: Crisis of Space – A Summary

by Vedaansh Uberoi (UG ’23) Note: This article is a summarization of the information that was available in the public domain. On October 20th, the Dean of Student Affairs sent out a residence life notification restoring the movement of students between Residence Halls (in accordance with the existing residence life policies), or in other words,… Keep Reading

The Revised FC Structure: How Did We Get Here?

by Riddhi Verma and Kalyani Garud On 15th January 2021, in response to an email from the Ministry of Academic Affairs (MAA), Vice-Chancellor Malabika Sarkar asserted that “I would like you to understand and explain to those who raise questions that the FCs are at the core of Ashoka’s academic vision.” The FC structure was… Keep Reading

The Ashokan Socialist Syndicate: A Fresh Take On Political Parties?

by Aggam Walia (UG’22) In September, the Ashokan Socialist Syndicate (ASS) registered with the Election Commission as Ashoka’s newest political party. Started by students from the UG’24 batch, ASS is “committed to creating a platform of accessibility, change and transparency to further progressive ideals.” The party has a public Constitution which lays down the organizational… Keep Reading

Ashoka’s contractual partner violates workers’ rights, VC says options limited

by Anushree Pratap (UG’23) and Sana Bashir (UG’24) (TW: SH, SA, casteism, victim-shaming) Since September 2021, Quess, Ashoka University’s contractual company for the housekeeping department, has allegedly been coercing the transfer of workers. Around 35 members of the housekeeping staff  have been informed by Quess of transfers to places like Gurgaon and Jaipur with short… Keep Reading