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Starting As A Third Year: A Note To Self

Guest Columnist: Shauryavardhan Sharma, UG’21 Ashoka University. Plot Number 2. Campus. Home. Outskirts of Delhi, if one is pressed into being geographically accurate (it’s just Delhi otherwise). There are myriad ways in which we describe this University, but these descriptions also reveal something more fundamental. What is Ashoka to us? How do we attempt to… Keep Reading

Premier League 2020/21: Where the Big Six need to strengthen

Shiv Kataria (UG21) and Rahul Agarwal (UG22) Calling this season “unique” would be an understatement. Be it the unprecedented and turbulent attack of the Coronavirus, leading to a 3-month shutdown or the coterie of wild decisions taken by the newly introduced Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology to help out on-field referees, 2019/20 has thrown up… Keep Reading

The Yugma Network Initiative

By Nandan Kaushik(UG 22) with inputs from Anjali Dalmia(UG 22) of the Yugma Network With the current state of the environment in India in shackles, one would imagine that our Environment Ministry would be doing all it can to rectify this. But recently, an online environmental activism group, ‘Fridays for Future’, was charged with terrorism,… Keep Reading

What Ashoka Unexpectedly did for my Mental Health

By Devika Goswami (UG22) There could be a hundred different nostalgia pieces about Ashoka at this point, and I don’t know if all of them (even this one) put together could capture how it unexpectedly helped with my mental health. It’s not just how engaging it can be academically, where online classes have now instead… Keep Reading

Where it all started: The Edict

Trisha Nagpal UG’21 The year was 2014; Frozen had hit the theatres, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was trending, and in the newly built Centre For Writing and Communication, a group of Ashokans were planning the inception of the Edict. Our current co-Editor in Chief, Trisha Nagpal had a candid conversation with the Founding Editor… Keep Reading

On Testing Positive For Coronavirus, And The Negatives I Had To Deal With

Success Sibanda, ASP ’19 All views are personal, and on the basis of the writer’s experience. Names and contact numbers of administration officials have been redacted, since this is an anecdotal article and not a report. Additional disclaimer from the writer: Some of the quoted words may not be the exact utterances of the mentioned… Keep Reading

Pancham- The Supernova

By: Karan Dhall UG’22 “Diye jalte hain, phool khilte hain, Badi mushkil se magar, Duniya mein dost, Milte hain…” Fate and fame are fickle friends which bring about other fair-weather friends in the carefully weeded nexus of Bollywood. The silver-screen has predominantly belonged to the silver-spooned. And amidst the biz-buzz of the Khans, Khannas and… Keep Reading

Course Registration Blues – The Faculty Problem

By Akanksha Mishra (UG22) With the exception of finals week, the biggest cause of stress for Ashokan students across batches is registration day. The notorious incompetency of the registration portal, coupled with the knowledge that one’s preferred courses are wanted by over 100 other students leads to a Hunger Games-styled scramble for seats at the… Keep Reading

Recourse : A Student’s Guide To Review And Rate Courses At Ashoka

Sriramya Ghanta, UG 21 Students at Ashoka are provided with a wide range of courses to choose from every semester. It can prove to be a difficult task to narrow down one’s choices. Akhil Kumar and Dhruv Khandelwal from the undergraduate batch of 2021 have designed a website, Recourse, to help students with reviewing and… Keep Reading

The Edict x Project Safar: Part II

This is the second of a two-part series, through which The Edict celebrates the winning works. Congratulations to Anvita, Aryan and Raunaq, and thank you to everyone who contributed! Keep Reading