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Kolkata : Through a Kaleidoscopic Lens

By Rwiti Bhattacharya, UG’23 For years now, films have been turning modern metropolises into urban fantasy-lands where all dreams come true. Amidst these concrete jungles, characters seek out an identity and come into their own. But to view this evolution in isolation would be an oversimplification. Consider this, the all too familiar portrait of a… Keep Reading

Dissent, Debate, and CoffeeHouse Culture

By Amogha Sharma, UG’23 I was first introduced to the subject of this article a few months ago, through a chance conversation with a friend, the contents of which I now barely recollect. It wasn’t until a few months later that I found myself wondering more about the dominant café culture that exists across the… Keep Reading

Referendums and Elections: Charting a Realistic Path

By Aggam Walia (UG’22) Since March last year, we have attended three online semesters, experienced the tragic consequences of the second wave, and dealt with the frustrating ordeals of confinement. Campus politics hasn’t been forgiving either– an online election, a boycott of classes, numerous resignations, yet another round of SH allegations and the dissolution of… Keep Reading

How To Fix a Student Government That Is Built for Collapse

By Mahika Dhar (UG’23) On analysing the issues that the 7th House of Representatives undertook, as well as the structure of the Student Government, it seems inevitable that the end would be with a collapse of its legitimacy. To understand the disintegration of the SG, and hopefully scan for future solutions, one has to look… Keep Reading

Life in a Gorilla Cage- Puberty, Anxiety, and Disparity in Big Mouth

By Malvika Gera, UG’23 With its raunchy dialogue and ability to not shy away from titillated, pubescent teenagers, Big Mouth offers a refreshing take on growing up. Following the experiences of students at Bridgeton Middle School, it dives head first into a raucous mix of emotions, sex, masturbation, menstruation, and self-discovery. Using the liberty that… Keep Reading

The Edict’s EURO Weekly: Quarter and Semi-Finals

Analie Dutta Choudhury, Rohan Agarwal and Kartikay Dutta; UG23 The Quarterfinals and Semifinals of Euro 2020 brought with them plenty of broken hearts, tears, stunners and fairy tales, as, over the course of six action-packed games in a week, we experienced an entertaining contest.  The Euro, which spanned over 11 European cities, is now set… Keep Reading

The Edict’s EURO Weekly: Round of 16

By Kartikay Dutta, UG23 There really is nothing quite like knockout football. You are guaranteed to be on the edge of your seat through the duration of any match — and if the last few days are anything to go by, there are never any guarantees. The round of 16 at the Euros laid witness… Keep Reading

The Edict’s EURO Weekly: MatchWeeks 2 and 3

By Analie Dutta Choudhury and Rohan Agarwal, UG23 The Edict is back with it’s weekly roundups and this time, we’ve got not one, but two match weeks for you to rewind back to! After an exciting fifteen days of football, we have now entered the knockout stages of the Euros. The round of the last… Keep Reading

Ashoka is Stateless. This is How:

By Arya Shukla (UG ’23) and Soumil Agarwal (UG ’23) A Recap of the Events Leading up to the Resignation of the Election Commission: A tumultuous yet historic year in Ashokan politics met with another change when student outrage over the SG’s actions resulted in a lasting impact on the composition of the 7th House… Keep Reading