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The Panchayati Raj — A Profile of Professor Rajendran Narayanan

By Vinayak Dewan, UG Class of 2018 Rajendran Narayanan, a profound mathematician, grew up in a middle class household in Calcutta, a city with an extraordinary political consciousness — a city which, in his words, “laid great emphasis on thinking about how a society should be.” Barber shops — where politics from Venezuela to France were passionately debated — became the… Keep Reading

Breaking Down The Kashmir Petition: What You Need To Know

By Shriya Rao and Harish Sai, Class of 2018 The tension created around the reputation and image of Ashoka University — a liberal institution — has stirred major debate about freedom of speech and its use within the campus. However, at the core of this issue is the solidarity letter issued and supported by a few members of the… Keep Reading

They Are Watching Us

By Gauri Bansal, Class of 2018 In light of the recent installation of new surveillance cameras in the residences, The Edict recorded the views of various students around campus and what they feel about these recent additions. The cameras have stirred up debates across the student body. These policy decisions have made them feel alienated… Keep Reading

Slippery Slope: Caution Dry Here

By Manasi Rao, Class of 2018 Over the past year Ashoka has been in a contract with the Sustainable Development Organisation, STENUM Asia. It is an organisation that helps institutions like Ashoka reduce the ecological footprint by using economically wise methods of consumption. STENUM has conducted electricity and water consumption audits and has been carefully… Keep Reading

Where Is Your Food?

By Manasi Rao, Class of 2018 Ashoka University has been in contract with Caterman services for almost a year now. Caterman’s decision to put up a board displaying number of kilograms of food wasted every day seems like a considerate idea. Because of the awareness generated by the board and steps taken to ensure minimal… Keep Reading

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