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The Theatrics of Performative Activism

Diya Isha and Janani Mahadevan, UG’ 22 Illustrations By Ananya Bawa, UG’ 21 When your ‘usually radio silent about anything politics related’ Instagram profile uploads a black square with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, it seems as though you’re placing an ‘I’m not a racist’ sticker on yourself for free clout. While this act is inherently not… Keep Reading

In Conversation With Anjali Dalmia: On Youth Against Dilution Of EIA2020

Divya Wagle, UG 22 On 23rd March 2020, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change released an 83 page long draft notification on the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA). The EIA 2020 is very problematic, with provisions that shorten the public consultation period and exempt several projects (such as development, oil drilling, dams, etc) from… Keep Reading

Saying no to Nostalgia— Ashokans need to move on

By Aggam Walia The other day, my grandmother launched into a passionate tirade against our generation for losing all respect for “Indian culture”. For contrast, she spoke of the times when she was my age, devoted to family values and culture. She marveled about how grandchildren touched their grandparents’ feet, how children made tea for… Keep Reading

New Season, New Faces: Meet Ashoka’s Sports Captains

Dhruvan Nair, Undergraduate Batch of 2021 and Ashwin Menon, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 The end of the Spring semester saw Ashoka bid farewell to yet another batch of seniors. For the Ashokan Sports Community, it also flags the end of the tenures of captains of various sports teams. With Covid-19 causing an unprecedented situation across… Keep Reading

Ashoka’s Hypocrisy In Dealing With Its Workers

Sriramya Ghanta, UG 21 After the lockdown, 26 lakh migrants were stranded across the country and 24.6% Indians were left unemployed. The COVID crisis raised important questions regarding health care and the structures and institutions that support the economy. Ashoka University too had issued an email titled, “Ashoka’s comprehensive response to COVID-19.” The Ashoka Bulletin… Keep Reading

The Anti-Ragging Committee Is Ready For The Incoming Batch

Anjana Ashok, UG 22 The poster with a dark image painted with the words ‘Ashoka Anti Ragging Committee’, captured the walls of Ashoka, providing a puzzling picturization of the ARC one had as a freshman. It was omnipresent yet never in actual form. Having been formed only over two semesters ago, the ARC is relatively… Keep Reading

Hollywood: Lights, Camera, and Rewriting History

Smriti Nambudiri, Undergraduate’ 22 Pull back the curtain on the enigma that is the Hollywood Golden Age and get a glimpse of the various hidden stories that go into the industry that we think we know so well: that’s what the 7-episode miniseries ‘Hollywood’, streaming on Netflix, promised. It’s an ensemble show, starring David Corenswet,… Keep Reading

If Spring Semester Was a Video Game

**Not sponsored by R3spawn, but, um, hit us up.**  Description: Move over, Ludo King. We have an even more infuriating, equally rigged game that will also bring out both the best and worst in you. Here is an exclusive sneak peek into The Last Semester™. [No, this is not counterfeit culmin bingo] Level 1: Pre-midterm… Keep Reading

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