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Clinton Manoti, Class of 2020 Ubuntu 2019, the Indo-International cultural exchange festival, organized by the AUISA in collaboration with the The Cultural Ministry took place on the 5th of April 2019. Ubuntu in Nguni Bantu translates to ‘humanity’. It is a term reflective of the philosophy ‘I am because you are.’ The primary aim of this festival… Keep Reading

Ashoka Premier League: The Gender Gap Challenge in Sports

Devika Jamkhedkar, Class of 2021 The Ashoka Premier League 4.0 is here. A highly anticipated and exciting tradition, there seems little to talk about action packed days of huddling, cheering and shooting. On closer look, one might compare the blossoming APL to modern professional football, wherein players are ranked, organised and sold according to their… Keep Reading

House Meeting Called in Response to Vice Chancellor’s Email

Dhiya Sony, Class of 2021 Students of Ashoka are given enormous amounts of freedom (as compared to other colleges in India) under the pretence that we are responsible adults who are able to conduct themselves with a certain amount of decorum. . However, recent developments in the campus points towards a rather disappointing and painful reality that… Keep Reading

APL 4.0 Auction: Setting the Tone

The latest season of APL is back this year, and is set to take place on the 12th and 13th of April. The Ashoka Premier League, started 4 years ago has now become one of Ashoka’s biggest trademark events which is eagerly looked forward to by the entire University. APL 4.0 is larger than ever… Keep Reading

2019 with The Edict: Hear from The Hindu’s Suhasini Haidar

2019 with The Edict, is the newspaper’s first foray into reporting elections. In this interview, our Editor-in Chief speaks to Suhasini Haidar, National Editor & Strategic Affairs Editor at the national daily The Hindu. Apart from being one of the most credible and trustworthy Indian journalists on Indian foreign policy and current affairs, Mrs. Haidar… Keep Reading

2019 with The Edict: We Speak to Professor Verniers

2019 with The Edict, is the newspaper’s first foray into reporting elections. With the General Elections around the corner, we speak to Professor Gilles Verniers, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Ashoka University, and Co-Director of Trivedi Centre for Political Data. The Centre, inaugurated in 2015, is now one of the few organisations in the… Keep Reading

The Journey To Ubuntu 2.0!

The work for Ubuntu started 5 months ago and there have been a series of events and activities to bring its message of cultural diversity and oneness to life. Here, we chronicle the journey or the road to Ubuntu, if you may. It started off with the Lunch Time Chills: An extremely simple but fun event… Keep Reading

Ashoka Literature Fest 2019 Recap

By Surabhi Sanghi, UG20 The first ever Ashoka Literature Festival took place on 30th and 31st March with a wide range of the line up of speakers along with various activities and workshops. The speakers came from diverse fields of history, news, politics, academia etc. and included some of our beloved professors including but not… Keep Reading

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