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Renewed Commitments or Reneged Promises: AUEC’s Role in the By-elections

by Mohammed Amaan Asim (UG’22) In June this year Ashokan student politics was in the doldrums owing to multiple defects and dents in what was an arguably imperfect system. Today, after several months we have only sunk lower. The Ashokan election system and its politics haven’t been restructured to reflect the demands and expectations of… Keep Reading

Confused Rhetoric and Tall Promises: The Candidates’ Debate

by Raunaq Singh Bawa (UG’24) TW: Multiple mentions of sexual harassment (SH) On 2nd October, Friday, the AUEC organised a Candidates’ Debate for the upcoming by-elections. Moderated by Rithupar Pathy (ASP’22) and Chaitanyaa Nair (UG’23), the debate was attended by only five of the six candidates contesting*: Bhavye Jain, Jai Desai, Karan Lobana, Neha Sheik,… Keep Reading

Starzz: The future of Ashokan politics or a frivolous meme page?

By Anushree Pratap (UG‘23) Note: TW: SH | In February 2021, Cefil Joseph Soans resigned from the House of Representatives and Tarz following allegations of sexual harassment. The Edict is not aware of any institutional investigation into these allegations. Update: As of 27th September, Starzz informed The Edict that it does not plan on registering… Keep Reading

Reading List and Its Discontents

By Diya Sood, UG ’23 Reading lists are an essential academic function of the study of disciplines in an institutional framework like a university. Canon formation can be deliberate and methodical. When a centralized body dictates the exclusion and inclusion of texts, it dictates what ideas it wants challenged and established. Delhi University’s Oversight Committee… Keep Reading

Whisper? I Hardly Know Her

The Politics Of Public Whisper Networks, A Reprise by Anoushka Shyam (ASP’22) and Sowmya Vaidyanathan (ASP’22) A part of The Edict’s Cultures of Harassment series  Content Warning – This article contains mentions of sexual harassment. In my first year at Ashoka, I attended an orientation meeting of a certain club and was encouraged to make… Keep Reading

Sexual Harassment: Looking Beyond the Binary

By Anubhab (Cyain), UG’22 A part of The Edict’s Cultures of Harassment series Content Warning – This article has mentions of sexual harassment, casteism, gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, and racism. Even in the 21st century, the world continues to paint itself as one within a binary, despite the existence of those who identify outside this… Keep Reading

AUEC announces election timetable as more House members set to resign

by Aggam Walia (UG’22) TW: Sexual harassment The Ashoka University Election Commission announced on Saturday that the campaign period for the upcoming by-elections would commence on 13th September, Monday. Interested candidates will be able to file in their nomination on the same day until the 20th of September. By-elections for an unconfirmed number of HoR… Keep Reading

SH, Retaliation, and on Being a CASH Representative

by Yukti Saumya (ASP’22) a part of The Edict’s Cultures of Harassment series The onset of the monsoon semester brings to a close a summer that will remain etched in our collective memory for years to come. The third wave of Ashoka’s #MeToo movement was different from its predecessors for one significant reason-this time, perpetrators… Keep Reading

A Dive into the Ongoing Wave of Resignations

By Riddhi Verma Note: In this article, the culture around non-SH related resignations is being examined. Over the past months, campus politics has taken an unprecedented turn. For the first time we have seen such a large number of resignations within the student government (SG), with 4/5ths of the house resigning in a mere 4… Keep Reading

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