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Vincit Omnia Veritas (The Truth Conquers All)

The die has been cast, ladies and gentlemen Kanishk Gomes, Class of 2020 NLU Bhopal students in protest On 10th January 49 BCE, leading a single legion, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon to march on Rome. In doing so, he committed an act that flouted Roman laws and sparked a civil war within the Republic. Upon… Keep Reading

Know Your Professor: Arghya Bhattacharya

Charvi Saraf, Class of 2019 Source : Professor Argo manages to pull off a “fun-face” and a “serious-face” multiple times in a class. In his first class, he started by acknowledging that his name was tough to pronounce, and gave us permission to call him Argo. Minutes later, we were told about the no-talk, no-phone… Keep Reading

Of Surveillance and Dumbed Silences

Aarushi Aggarwal, Batch of 2018. School is over, but not really. Picture clicked at the Atrium. We do not know who to source it to (if it has been clicked by you shoot us an email at Ashoka is “liberal,” and more progressive about most matters than other colleges across the country especially ones… Keep Reading

Know Your Professor: Anuradha Saha

Aditya Pantham, Class of 2019 Source: The Edict’s YouTube Channel If you’re an economics student at Ashoka, chances are that you’ve been taught by or heard a lot about Professor Anuradha Saha. An amazing statistics professor, she is a student-favourite: Every semester during course registration, her classes fill within minutes, maybe even seconds. But Professor Saha… Keep Reading

The Virtue in Tainted Walls

Zainab Ghafoor-Firdausi, Class of 2019 “A white blank page, and a swelling rage.” –Mumford & Sons (Translation: Rules and regulations do not make up universities) Lady Pink, Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Seen are just a handful of world famous graffiti artists. Most prominent of whom is Banksy, an artist or group of artists who operate… Keep Reading

(En)gendering Discussion: In Conversation with Manjari Sahay

Devashree Somani and Neha Mehrotra, Class of 2018 Manjari Sahay, a student in the Ashoka Scholar Program, sent out a simple one-question survey to the student body on 30th October. With the promise of anonymity, she implored women on campus to reply to the following question: “Are you afraid to mention/speak up about gender-related concerns… Keep Reading

The Rhythm is Within

Ria Purandare, Class of 2019 “Say, What?” is a contemporary dance piece choreographed by Avantika Bahl, and performed by Vishal Sarvaiya and the choreographer herself. The duo was invited by the Centre for Performing Arts and the Office of Student Life to perform the piece at Ashoka University on the 7th of November. Credit: Office… Keep Reading