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The Zuptas’ Influence on South Africa’s Economy

Gahena Gambani, Class of 2020 On One Family and its Adventures in South Africa On 14th February 2018, Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa since 2004, resigned amid repeated allegations of corruption and bribery because of his family’s close ties with the Gupta family. The Guptas, also known as the “Zuptas of South Africa”, are… Keep Reading


Rohan Parikh (Junior Correspondent at Free Press Pvt. Ltd.) Fake Lies is a satire series about Ashokan life and culture (or lack thereof). There is a great upheaval at Hoshak University. It has recently come to light that there exist more secret societies on campus than do clubs, (including the inactive ones — so that’s a lot).… Keep Reading

Tennis At Ashoka – The Court is Finally Here

Ishaan Banerji, Class of 2019 The New Tennis Court The new tennis court at Ashoka was inaugurated on 26th February, 2018. The initial struggles of Ashoka’s tennis players and courts alike, however, must not be forgotten. Here is a timeline to trace the path of tennis at Ashoka. When the current third years joined Ashoka, there… Keep Reading

Psychology Student at Ashoka Asks — Can Fish Do Math?

Shashwat Goyal, Class of 2020, from the BioSoc The recent introduction of Biology in the Ashokan curriculum might indicate that it’s the new kid in the playground, but that’s not exactly true. Research in bio-psychology or more commonly, cognition, is already a part of Ashoka’s research culture. For his research proposal, Dhairyya Singh, a fourth-year… Keep Reading

The Ripples of Black Panther

Srishti Agarwal, Class of 2019 (Spoiler warning for the links: they analyse the movie more extensively) Another grand Marvel venture, and one of their most successful yet. With lower estimates predicting a gross of over one billion US dollars worldwide, Black Panther seems to be breaking all myths about ‘black films not travelling’. At its… Keep Reading

Fake Lies | The Hoshakan Intellectual

Rohan Parikh (Junior Correspondent at Free Press Pvt. Ltd.) Fake Lies is a satire series about Ashokan life and culture (or lack thereof). Ever since its inception, Hoshak University has been a fertile breeding ground for intellectual poseurs. Intellectual faffing has come to be a way of life among the students. While the tendency to… Keep Reading

Artists at Banjaara: In Conversation with Raghav Meattle

Kartik Sundar, Class of 2020 Not many people had heard of Raghav Meattle prior to Banjaara, but the crowd that rushed to take pictures with him right after his performance is bound to change that. The singer-songwriter is from Delhi, currently residing in Bombay for his music career. After his appearance on The Stage, where… Keep Reading

The Solipsism Behind Our Sense of Entitlement

Nishant Kauntia, Class of 2018 The Banjaara team this year took various measures to keep us in check during the fest. Students of Ashoka were requested to sign a pledge of responsibility before the event. Posters were put up especially for Ashokans requesting us to comply with the university staff. These precautions were deemed necessary… Keep Reading

Beyond the Screen: A Baithak with Ravish Kumar

Himali Thakur, Class of 2019 “Jo so rahe hoonge woh bhi aajyenge yeh soch kar ki kahiin band karaane wale toh nahi aagaye?” Last week the Office of Student Life and the Department of Performing Arts inaugurated a series of non-stage performance and/or conversation sessions at Ashoka University, Baithak. The inaugural Baithak on 17th February… Keep Reading

Artists at Banjaara: In Conversation with Parekh & Singh

Kartik Sundar, Class of 2020 There’s something uniquely euphoric and dreamy about Parekh & Singh concerts that few artists can match. When they took the stage for this year’s Banjaara, they might have been missing their trademark suits, but they brought their entrancing vibe. Due to a lengthy and cumbersome soundcheck, the pair didn’t have… Keep Reading

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