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Does The Ashoka Bridge Programme Create A Gap?

Sriramya Ghanta, UG 21 The Academic Bridge Programme is devised to help certain students navigate life at Ashoka. It intends to assist students in the academic components of the Ashokan experience. The programme influences the encounters that these students have during their time at Ashoka. ABP not only aims to help students navigate Ashoka’s rigorous… Keep Reading

Can Ashoka Build Academic Bridges Online?

Sriramya Ghanta, UG 21 The Academic Bridge programme is designed by the Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Affairs to provide a certain number of incoming students at Ashoka with English language and academic reading and writing assistance. These students are invited to attend a two-week programme on campus before their peers join… Keep Reading

(P)leader of Opposition: Is the LO even necessary?

By Trisha Nagpal, Aritro Sarkar and Sanya Chandra Featured Image Credits: Ananya Bawa(illustration) and Saaz Lahiri (Photograph) The authors of this piece stand by the primary argument: the role of the LO stands moot in the current context. We have taken into account concerns about certain insinuations and apologise for the factual errors. At the… Keep Reading

The Trans Community and the Ashokan Myth of Progressiveness

By Shivani Deshmukh Trans-friendly accommodation has been one of the many things that the student body has asked the admin for, only to be left sorely disappointed. At the beginning of the last academic year, students at Ashoka, led by the previous student government, were raising their voices for trans people’s accommodation on campus. A… Keep Reading

Facebook Comes to Ashoka

By Zainab Firdausi (Note: This is one of our older pieces published on Jan 29, 2018 that previously lacked visibility on our website due to a technical glitch) Facebook’s mammoth stake in the political arena cannot be ignored or revoked. The question that remains is that of what the future holds. On 23 January, the Trivedi… Keep Reading

Assuaging Anxieties: An Alumni Diary

Nishant Kauntia, UG ’18 I was having a pretty dry Sunday today, to be honest with you, until I happened to open this fascinating email from Professor Raja Rosenhagen, the Dean of Academic Affairs at Ashoka and my beloved Philosophy professor. ‘We want YOU… on the Website’, it was titled, and inside the envelope were… Keep Reading

7 Animated Shows On Netflix To Make Your Lockdown More Fun

Smriti Nambudiri UG’22 As we come up on almost 4 months of lockdown, there’s no doubt people’s watchlists on Netflix are growing sparse, and the banana bread phase of quarantine is long gone. However, while in quarantine, I’ve discovered many animated shows on Netflix that have captured my attention, and made these long days a… Keep Reading

Not United For #BlackLivesMatter: F1 Racers and #EndRacism

Payoja Ahluwalia “IT’S LIGHTS OUT and AWAY WE GO!”  For Formula One fans all over the world, hearing this famous refrain from David Croft at the start of Sunday’s Grand Prix was a welcome breath of fresh air as it marked a rather exciting start of the racing season for 2020. However, for some fans… Keep Reading

What To Expect From Monsoon 2020: An Interview With The VC

Anjana Ashok, UG 22 Photograph Credits: Asiket Dhillon With only a month left for the Monsoon semester to begin, The Edict sat down for a virtual conversation with the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Malabika Sarkar. The idea was to hear from the administration itself, the steps taken to meet and address student concerns. Following the mails… Keep Reading

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