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2020: ‘Now That’s What I Call a Bad Year!’

By Smriti Nambudiri, UG 22 Image Credits: The Wire Since 2016, people tend to name every year that follows ‘the worst year ever’. But, I think we can all agree when I say 2020, in all seriousness, is the worst year to have ever existed, a year where both too much, and nothing at all,… Keep Reading

They Tell Me I Do Not Seem Like A Math Person

Saloni Mehta, ASP ‘21 This is a rant about being told ‘I do not seem like a math person’ far too often. What is a math person, then? Why is a ‘math person’ a math person alone? For all my arithmetic abilities, this, to me, does not add up. I am aware that this might… Keep Reading

Club selectivity – A Rat Race

By Shivani Deshmukh (UG22) At university, we’re sold the idea of fresh, new opportunities, and a clean slate to try whatever we want. This is especially true for liberal arts universities, where the idea of a clean slate to experiment is highly idealised. While this is the ideal portrayed on brochures and websites, the reality… Keep Reading

How the SG revived the UG Facebook group, explained.

By Arya Shukla (UG23) The Student Government announced on Tuesday, November 10th that the ‘Ashoka Undergraduates’ Facebook group is reopening for students to join, after the platform had been shut for more than 45 days. As per the House’s decision, the appointment of moderators for the group needed to take place before the group could… Keep Reading

The Fight for Recognition: India’s Unsung Sports and Heroes (Part 2)

Amiya Kumar, Undergraduate Batch of 2023  Unfamiliar sports are not the only ones struggling to infiltrate into the Indian sporting culture. Even global sports such as Rugby, which has grown in popularity of late and is estimated to be the ninth most popular sport in the world with 410 million dedicated fans located worldwide, encounter… Keep Reading

Ashokan Clubs & Societies, Amidst COVID: Making the Move Online

Aryaman Kakkar, Kalyani Garud, Vasundhara Prasad Amidst COVID 19, Ashoka’s clubs and societies have racked their brains and the Internet to find new ways to keep the Ashokan spirit alive and thriving. New online spaces for club activities come new rules and restrictions, with special emphasis on self-publicity and social media while tackling problems of… Keep Reading

The Creators | Rooted in Reality

By Saadia Peerzada, UG 22 The Creators is a series of profiles of Ashokans who are actively involved in different creative fields including, but in no way limited to, music, photography, creative writing, and visual or performing arts. A conversation with Aishwarya Sunaad, a third-year student at Ashoka University and founder of Ordinaire, a brand… Keep Reading

Formerly a Prakrit Candidate, Abhay Hari to Lead AUEC with a Close Eye for Optics

On 21st November, it was announced that Abhay Hari will be our next Chief Election Officer, and the Edict’s co-editor-in-chief Aritro Sarkar sat down to interview him on 27th November. Apart from his own, Aritro also asked questions that were submitted by members of the Edict’s newest division: the Student Politics Newsdesk. Transcribed below are… Keep Reading

Culture Wars: When Private Goes Public

By Deep Vakil (ASP21) India and China have been engaged in a military standoff in eastern Ladakh for over 150 days now, with the worst cross-border violence since the 1962 war between the two nations. There is a heightened sentiment of nationalism in the country, which has made its way into the digital lives of several students… Keep Reading

The Founding Professors of Ashoka University (Part II)

By: Nandan Kaushik, UG 22 Image By: Sanjna Mishra We hope the previous article brought out nostalgia, and a longing for campus in you, the reader. Before proceeding further, a note: We had mentioned that there were 15 Founding Professors. These were: Jonathan Gil Harris, Madhavi Menon, Kranti Saran, Aparna Vaidik, Malvika Maheshwari, Rudrangshu Mukherjee,… Keep Reading

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