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The 72-hour Tragedy of the European Super League

Kartikay Dutta, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 and Rahul Agarwal, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 Football inherently is a tribalistic sport, especially at the highest levels. To have the fans of so many rivalling clubs band together in support of a cause is unheard of, and if asked last week what sort of situation would cause that… Keep Reading

Down with Speaking Out in Class (Please!)

By Shivani Deshmukh, UG22 Even though it is embarrassing to admit, I can count the number of times I’ve spoken in class this semester on my fingers. If class participation wasn’t hard enough offline, in an online semester, speaking out in class has been made exponentially more difficult. There is, of course, an understanding among… Keep Reading

Protest Spaces : Finding Solidarity in Solitude

By Rwiti Bhattacharya, UG 23, and Nidhish Birhade, UG 22 A surreal article published on the morning of 17th March brought the news of Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s resignation to all Ashokans. It found its way into WhatsApp groups big and small, and frantic discussions followed. These events transpired when the pandemic split the student… Keep Reading

The Reign of Resignations, Student Government and Mental Health

By Devika Goswami, UG22 The student government acquired more importance since we went online last year. SG decisions now also cover the return of students to campus, negotiating workers’ welfare, and organising mass dissent in light of the recent faculty resignations, amongst other causes. Pardon the cliché, but with great power comes great responsibility, and… Keep Reading

After #NotMyAshoka: 4 Questions for the Board of Trustees

By Mahika Dhar (UG23) and Siya Sharma (UG23) The recent, jarring resignations of Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Professor Arvind Subramanian from Ashoka’s teaching staff were met with a veritable flurry of media coverage and student and faculty-centric protest, in an expansive show of solidarity and support. These unprecedented circumstances threw open previously untouched, unnoticed,… Keep Reading

Money or Talent – Where do F1’s Priorities Lie in the Modern Era?

Arjun Khanna, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 Formula 1, like any other sport, is an ever-changing business. We witness new eras, personnel changes and rule modifications every year. Each season continues to perpetually generate new chapters in the history of the sport. The past decade saw the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel come to… Keep Reading

The Harbours Of Academic Freedom

By Smriti Nambudiri, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 and Amogha Sharma, Undergraduate Batch of 2023 A few weeks before Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s widely discussed exit from Ashoka University, an Office Memorandum had raised several eyebrows. The Office Memorandum  issued by the Ministry of External Affairs outlined stringent guidelines for public universities organising international seminars online. There… Keep Reading

The Role of Poetry in Dissent Against Institutional Injustice

By Saadia Peerzada, Undergraduate Batch of 2022 In the wake of Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Arvind Subramaniam’s resignations from Ashoka University, students came together in record numbers to protest the lack of transparency from the administration. Artistic expressions were auxiliary to their demands for rectifying structural lapses. Protestors expressed their dissent through visual art,… Keep Reading

Is this Ashoka’s Rubicon Moment?

TW – This article contains a mention of suicide By Akanksha Mishra, UG22 When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon river with the Roman army in 49 BC, that one act was said to have largely led to the beginning of the Roman Civil War. Since then, the term ‘crossing the Rubicon’ became an idiom, meaning… Keep Reading

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