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Response to ‘Resignation of a Representative’

Manasi Rao, Batch of 2018 This article is not meant to further engage in the controversy of April 2017, nor to malign the current and former Ashoka University Election Commission (AUEC), The Edict, or any other individual. It is meant solely to provide an accurate, complete, and respectful narrative of the series of events that… Keep Reading

Dhamma Backs out of Elections, New Members Asked to Leave

As voting day draws closer, recent developments have quickly changed the political landscape. Manini Menon, Batch of 2019 Last night, in a surprising turn of events, the student body received an email stating Dhamma’s decision to no longer contest in the upcoming elections. The reasons they cite in their email may be summed up hence: (i)… Keep Reading

Review: The ‘True’ Story of Padmaavat

Himali Thakur, Class of 2019 Padmaavat has been embroiled in a very public controversy for nearly a year now. Several groups, including the right-wing Karni Sena, claimed that it hurt the sentiments of the Rajputs: the movie was an inaccurate and damaging portrayal of Rani Padmavati, the protagonist of Bhansali’s film. From threats to the… Keep Reading

Why We Need Sortition at Ashoka

Jyoti S. Nayak and Rohan Parikh, Batch of 2019 Nineteenth-century painting by Philipp Foltz depicting the Athenian politician Pericles delivering his famous funeral oration in front of the Assembly (Source: Wikimedia Commons) On 14th February, our university will enter into its 3rd annual celebration: the spectacle of democracy. From a pool of 1,100-odd students, we… Keep Reading

No Differential Treatment for Students on Financial Aid

Financial aid can no longer be revoked on the basis of a student’s CGPA. Kartik Sundar, Class of 2020 After lengthy debate and conversation, the Ashoka administration met with the Student Government on Jan 31 and decided to remove the clause which stated that financial aid could be revoked if a student did not maintain… Keep Reading

NBA Legends: Bill Russell’s transformation of the game

Taking a look at one of the greatest players in basketball history and his revolution of the game we love. Avneesh Garimella, Batch of 2019 Bill Russell dominating with his blocking skills Bill Russell is definitely one of the greatest players to have played in the NBA. After all, the NBA Final’s MVP trophy cannot be named… Keep Reading

Searching for Ashoka’s Diversity: Myopic Miniatures by Priyanka Muniyappa

Nivedita Salar, Class of 2019 The Ashoka Art Gallery is currently running Myopic Miniatures, an exhibition of paintings by Priyanka Muniyappa (YIF 2018). The exhibition is a visual study of the plethora of insects found in and around Ashoka. The inauguration took place on Tuesday, 23rd January. It was an immersive audio-visual experience, where people… Keep Reading

Lightning’s Back: A solid new superhero

Srishti Agarwal, Class of 2019 The CW’s latest outing with DCTV, Black Lightning, premiered on January 16, 2018. It was their highest rated original series premiere in the last two years. On-campus viewers can catch it on Netflix, where new episodes will be available for streaming every week. Despite being from the same production team… Keep Reading

Ashoka’s Edict is without a Pillar

This is our first Editorial, after taking over as the new team of The Edict. Dear Ashokans, Winter is a time for relaxation, introspection, wrapping up the year that has gone by and ushering in a new one. It is after indulging in the same, that we write to you, our first editorial after taking over… Keep Reading

The Cost of Peace

I traded my empathy for peace. We all do. I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and wonder if I did the right thing by putting up that post about gendered entitlement on Facebook. Was my tone too harsh? Was Facebook not the right medium to express myself? Should I just not have talked about… Keep Reading

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