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Ashoka Women’s FC: Making the Difference

By Rahul Agarwal, UG22 “Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong” – Ella Fitzgerald In the world of sports, we often hear about teams bulldozing their way through different tournaments. For the most part, winning these… Keep Reading

In The Inbox: What we heard before campaigning officially began

With the onset of the campaigning period on 11th January for the upcoming election to the 7th House of Representatives, student inboxes are expected to be inundated with emails. All the three active political parties have concluded their first rounds of inductions, and the second rounds are underway. As they invite new members, each party… Keep Reading

Cam‘pain’ing In A Pandemic – Challenges of an Online Election

By Akanksha Mishra (UG22) As the ‘new’ normal casts its shadow upon Ashoka and we move into a second consecutive semester online, we’re faced with newer challenges. The Spring 2021 semester starts with the elections to the 7th House of Representatives. The 6th House, which went through a largely online term, is all set to… Keep Reading

How the SG negotiated the reversal of coerced resignation of workers, explained.

By Riddhi Verma (UG22) Following allegations over the summer of workers being mistreated and, in violation of their contracts, coerced to resign, the Student Government, in early August, had put forward three common-sense demands: re-hire all workers who resigned under the coercion, pay salaries to those who resisted the coercion, and investigate those responsible for… Keep Reading

Music Recommendations From Four Different Cultures

By Saadia Peerzada, UG 22 Music, with its lyrics, emotions, and melody, is often a personal experience for each listener. It is a worthy experiment to delve into music in foreign languages that arrest an emotion that may not be expressed in the languages you speak. Captured in the Charlemagne quote “To possess another language… Keep Reading

From the Editor’s Desk

Dear reader, By now, you’d have probably read a glut of sobering reminders about the state of the year that just passed, so it would be futile for us to remind you again. The advent of unprecedented times soon birthed a longing for the familiar- precedented circumstances we perhaps took for granted.  Frontline workers around… Keep Reading

2020: ‘Now That’s What I Call a Bad Year!’

By Smriti Nambudiri, UG 22 Image Credits: The Wire Since 2016, people tend to name every year that follows ‘the worst year ever’. But, I think we can all agree when I say 2020, in all seriousness, is the worst year to have ever existed, a year where both too much, and nothing at all,… Keep Reading

They Tell Me I Do Not Seem Like A Math Person

Saloni Mehta, ASP ‘21 This is a rant about being told ‘I do not seem like a math person’ far too often. What is a math person, then? Why is a ‘math person’ a math person alone? For all my arithmetic abilities, this, to me, does not add up. I am aware that this might… Keep Reading

Club selectivity – A Rat Race

By Shivani Deshmukh (UG22) At university, we’re sold the idea of fresh, new opportunities, and a clean slate to try whatever we want. This is especially true for liberal arts universities, where the idea of a clean slate to experiment is highly idealised. While this is the ideal portrayed on brochures and websites, the reality… Keep Reading

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